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Vintage Mike Tyson Heavyweight Championship Boxing Shorts (1986)

Vintage Mike Tyson Heavyweight Championship Boxing Shorts (1986)

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Mike Tyson's reign in the boxing world was electrifying. Part of his routine was intimidating his opponent. Whereas his counterparts would be flashy, ostentatious in the ring - Mike was different. He played morbid music before entering the ring, wore simple black boxing shoes, and most notably and defiantly of all - wore black boxing trunks - something reserved for the world champion. 

Everything the Baddest Man on the Planet did - with the guiding word of Cus D'Amato of Catskill New York was as he put it - "with bad intentions." And if his opponents didn't feel the viciousness that seethed off him before they entered the ring they surely felt his fists once it was all said and done. 

These vintage boxing shorts are a part of history, and now they can be a part of your wardrobe. MemesToLife has gotten exclusive access to these one of a kind Everlast boxing shorts that Mike Tyson wore most notably in 1986 in his championship bout against Trevor Berbick. 

Whether you're an up and coming boxer, a boxing purist, historian, or a casual fan - you'll be well respected with these shorts. As with all of our vintage gear, this is available only for a limited time due to limits on the supply of this truly historic relic of an enigmatic figure from a legendary time.