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Ancient Pepe Meme Frog 15 & 10 oz Mug *Limited Edition*

Ancient Pepe Meme Frog 15 & 10 oz Mug *Limited Edition*

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  • High quality ceramic
  • 11 oz: Medium Mug
  • 15 oz: Large Mug 

Let meme magic into your home with this beautiful ancient Pepe statue mug. Found in an ancient Egyptian archaeological excavation, this is the statue of the Egyptian Elder God "Kek". Imprinted on this timepiece was a diagram of a human being using a computer to create memes, the DNA of society. Used to combat the Illuminati, Kek symbolizes the struggles of deplorables far and wide to bring Trump to power during the Great Meme War of 2016, otherwise known as the election. 

*Warning* This product may induce TOP KEK. If you or anyone you know experiences TOP KEK, seek professional assistance immediately.*