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Georges St. Pierre (GSP) "Victory" Winter Hat (Kyokushin Karate)

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Stay warm this season with this one of a kind Georges St. Pierre (GSP) "Victory" Winter Hat. You've seen this Japanese phrase (pronounced Shori) on Georges St. Pierre's headband during his championship walkouts for his 9 legendary title defenses. Now you get to make it yours. 

Georges St. Pierre headband

The symbol's significance comes from Kyokushin - a Japanese & Korean form of Karate that Georges St. Pierre started his MMA career in. He's been wearing it ever since. Whether you're a Canadian Ninja or an American Ninja - you'll feel like a ninja wearing this hat! 

Wear it on your way to the gym, to the latest UFC fight card, and during your daily travels! It's warm, comfy, and one of a kind. One size fits all and made in the USA! Finally, it makes the perfect gift for your friends who are fans of MMA and UFC.